Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving, Harry Potter, 4 Months...

Wow I'm really awful at updating this. But like I've said before it's because nothing super important or grand happens in my life. So for Thanksgiving we went back to Rock Springs with Loren's sister. Once again I got to play with Olivia and Gracie and they were even cuter than the time before. Olivia is talking more, I have this Maggie doll I've had forever that I take everywhere with me and the girls love her. Olivia would walk around with her in her arms going Maggie doll, Maggie doll, Maggie doll over and over. She's so cute. I also think she finally learned who I was because when they'd say give Maggie a hug she'd actually come over to me. Gracie remembered me too, the first thing she said to me was can we play the rainbow game? She's just too adorable I love both of them. Sadly I didn't really get to go shopping on Black Friday. I went around 3ish with my roommate and got a few things for my family that were really good deals. Actually I'm almost completely done shopping. Oh and while we were in Rock Springs we saw Harry Potter. Yeah I was really disappointed in it. I didn't like it at all and neither did Loren. I was just waiting for it to be over and hoping I didn't fall asleep because the only theater in Rock Springs cost $9 for a ticket!!! It was ridiculous. There was also the really weird scene with Harry and Hermione naked and all up on each other that was super crazy. So other than that Thanksgiving wasn't anything too special. It was nice to not be alone and I also heard that my family decided to meet on Wednesday instead of on Thanksgiving. I don't like that, you're supposed to have you family on Thanksgiving! Booo on that.

We were only there Wednesday night, all of Thanksgiving, and then we came back to Provo Friday morning. Loren has to work everyday but Thanksgiving that week. I did a lot of sitting around, sleeping, playing on facebook, and going places with Carlene. Which brings us to yesterday. Yesterday was 4 months for Loren and I. I feel like it was just yesterday I was typing it was 3 months (in fact I think it was just 2 posts ago). I just think this is super crazy because I came out here after only dating him for 2 weeks. Honestly it probably shouldn't have worked out for us, but it did. I'm soo glad it has too. He's been so amazing I love being in Utah and having him around. This is an experience I never thought I'd have but it has been like a dream the whole time. I'm kind of at a lost for words, I don't really know what to say than what I already have. I'm so thankful everyday to have Loren in my life even when we have not as happy days. Nothing changes how I feel about him :)

We come home in 16 days! It's soo crazy but I'm excited. Also I'm almost done with my application to the LDS Business College. I think that's all for now.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Playing Catch Up...

So honestly if I had more interesting things to talk about I'd update more. But not a lot has happened. For Halloween Loren and I went up to Rock Springs, Wyoming where his sister Lindsay lives. She has 2 girls names Gracie and Olivia. They are the most precious girls ever! I absolutely fell in love with them over that weekend and it made me want kids as well. I ended up becoming Gracie's best friend. I slept in her room, and she really liked my phone so she'd come to me a lot. Oh and she also liked my Maggie doll. But there were so many cute things she said over the weekend. While we were at the Rec Center in the little lazy river I see Lindsay tell me to hold up, so I wait and she said Gracie said she wanted Maggie and Loren to take her around. So I took Gracie for pretty much the remainder of the time we were there. I didn't mind at all. She's so adorable and Lindsay is soo pregnant (she's due in January) that it didn't bother me at all. Then later on Loren and I were going to sit at the counter and let their family sit at the table for dinner and Gracie said "but I wanted to sit next to Maggie" so her and Loren switch spots. Gracie did not stop talking throughout all of the dinner. Then she hears Loren laugh here was the conversation:
Gracie: "What's that guy laughing about"
Me: "Wait what's his name?"
Gracie: "Him!"
Lindsay: "Hang on what's his name"
Gracie: "Uhhhh..."
Lindsay: "What's her name?"
Gracie: "Maggie!"
Lindsay: "What's his?"
Gracie: "Oh umm Loren..."
Hahaha I laughed so hard that night. Then we were going to put the kids in bed and Gracie goes "there's your bed Maggie" and I said "well I'm not going to bed right now". Gracie then says "oh well I'll just put my doll and blanket on the bed and go watch the Wiggles with you." I told her it was her bed time and she said she didn't want to go to bed though, and it was super cute. The morning we left as I was packing my things she was in there with me and here was another conversation:
Gracie: "Where's your ring?"
Me: "I don't have one"
Gracie: "You don't have a ring?"
Me: "Nope."
Gracie: "Do you have to go buy it?"
I once again laughed so hard, she just looked at me and started laughing too. Then Loren was scraping the ice off his car and Gracie was sitting with me and I said "Well I need to go" and Gracie said "But I wanted you to stay for a while, like Christmas" Lindsay then begins to explain it's only going to be 3 more weeks til I'm back and Gracie goes "So you're coming for Thanksgiving? I'll see you in 3 weeks". It was soo adorable. As we left Gracie gives me a hug and then she goes "But whaat am I going to do??" Then starts pouting. I just wanted to stay with her some more. Out of all of these things I think my favorite thing Gracie said all weekend was on Sunday night. Loren and I were both playing with Gracie and Loren says "Hey Gracie am I your favorite uncle?" Her response was, "Yeah, well but Maggie's my favorite Aunt!" We had to explain to her that I wasn't her Aunt, but I felt so loved that weekend by Gracie and laughed so much. I love little kids. They're the greatest! That's pretty much all the exciting things that have happened. Oh and I've also decided to apply for the LDS Business College and work on probably some Generals and see what I want from there. But yeah, I'm counting down the days til my return with Gracie. Hopefully she'll love me just as much then!

Oh and one last note I'm coming home in a month a 4 days!!

 Here's Gracie and Olivia.
 My best friend Gracie. She's a hoot!
 Loren and I after church :)