Monday, February 28, 2011

5/7 Months.

I officially have 5 months until I get married. I'm not sure if I ever explained why Loren and I chose July 30th, it wasn't a random day. Really we wanted to get married on July 29th, but Loren's dad is going to be flying back from South/North (I can't remember which one) Dakota that day. We wanted to make sure he had time to get back to Texas and at least rest a little, that way he'd be able to fully enjoy our wedding. Last year Loren and I started dating on July 29th, although it wasn't facebook official til 2 weeks later, and a couple of days before we left for Utah. Because of this we thought it would be fun to get married exactly a year after we started dating. Also Loren kind of has a not so great memory, well depending on what it is, so I thought it'd be easier for him to remember this date since he already knew it. In reality I'm just helping him out :) However it makes planning for the wedding easy. At the end of each month I think oh it's be *insert number* months, and I also only have *insert number* months before we're married! Which is why my title says 5/7 months. We have 5 months until we're married, which I'm beginning to think was a big mistake. I feel like it's going to take forever!! And we've been dating for 7 months.This next part is where I talk about Loren.If you don't want to hear about how amazing he is then you can finish reading here.

We've officially made it past the 6 months mark. It went by fast, but at the same time I feel like we've been together forever. However I'm definitely not complaining about that. Some of my favorite moments throughout the week are when we just sit in front of the TV and watch a show. I love that Loren and I don't have to do anything extravagant in order to be happy. I love that Loren does everything he can to make me feel better. I'm probably the most emotional person you will ever meet. The tiniest thing will make me cry, even if people are joking and I know they're joking I still cry. I've already cried at least 3 times about wedding plans and we're still 5 months away. (Word of advice: Please be as nice as possible to me in July. I will probably be an emotional wreck!) So last night when I was crying about something that had to do with the wedding Loren just sat there and said "It'll be ok, I promise everything will work out" as he held me close. If I were him I probably would have been running away a long time ago, but I'm glad he didn't. 

I've had people ask me lately what attracts me most to Loren, why I want to marry him. Every time they ask it's such an easy answer, his testimony. I know it sounds like a typical church answer, but for me it's so true. After our first date we talked about the church for a long time (probably because we went to Institute right after our first date). As I sat there I was blown away by him, I was like wow this guy knows his stuff. One of my favorite things about him is when we read the scriptures together he can always tell me the background story to what's going on.In my marriage class my teacher is always saying how the most important thing to look for in a person you're dating is whether or not they'll be a good parent for your kids. Because of Loren's testimony immediately I said yeah he's going to be a great father someday. He's going to be able to teach his children so many things about the gospel. I still believe that, but for more reasons than one now. I know I say this every month, but I just want to get the point across. I'm so grateful Heavenly Father placed Loren in my life. What was completely unexpected for the both of us has turned into the greatest blessing I've ever received. I can't wait to get married to Loren, mainly because I can't wait to begin the rest of our lives together. I guess that'll be enough for this time.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Words of Advice...

If at all possible, don't get engaged in the middle of a semester. All I want to do now is focus on our wedding. I wish I had a big fast forward button on life so I could just skip to July! Sadly I still have about 8 more weeks of school. Poo. Meanwhile I've been trying to find a good and reasonably priced photographer in this area so we can do engagement pictures. Woah are people expensive!! For the wedding and reception I have an awesome friend of mine who has agreed to take pictures for us. She's been a good friend of mine since middle school, and when we were in high school she took an interest in photography. She went to Paris and came back with these gorgeous photos! She's been trying to expand on this, but she works all the time at Walgreens, but she said she'd do pictures both at the reception and the temple for $150 and I know she'll give me everything I want because I'm special :) I think it's easier to take pictures for people you're close with so I'm excited Kristen is going to be there with me!! We just need to take care of those engagement pictures. Meanwhile yesterday was a nice day for once so we coaxed Steve into taking some pictures of us since we forgot to last week when he proposed. There ended up being some cute/fun ones taken. That's mainly what this post is for. Here's the pictures.

Steve kept making us laugh so much. If you knew this guy you'd understand why

This was definitely my favorite, then Steve kept going oh yeah money shot. It didn't last long.

This was Loren's favorite, which is actually a good close up.

I had to put this on here because I think it totally describes our personalities.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Just for Jay

So Loren's brother was talking to him about my blog and asked why my nails were purple in the picture. If you know anything about me you know I love painting my nails and change them about every week. I love pretty much all bright colors. So luckily for Jay I was due for another nail painting. Therefore I have a new picture of my ring with my favorite nail polish. Bright Pink!!! :) So this one is just for you Jay. Enjoy :D

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I'm Engaged!!!

Ok yes I'm awful at updating and it's been forever and a day, but honestly not a whole lot has happened. I started school at LDS Business College. The transition back to school was harder than I expected it to be. I love my religion classes more than my other classes. I'm in Gospel and the Productive Life and Preparation for Eternal Marriage. My teacher for both of them is Judd King. He's such an incredible man I love him to death. I feel like I can tell him anything and he wants us to talk to him. He used to be a bishop so he still acts like it, but yeah he's amazing. Other than that nothing has really happened. Well other than the fact Loren proposed!!! I was so surprised. We've been talking about it, but he made a comment this weekend about how he didn't have money for a ring and was waiting on another check. I know his next check is for rent so I was like ok it'll be another month. So yesterday we go on a Valentines date. He met me in Salt Lake once my classes were done. When he got me he didn't have anything and I even looked in his car and didn't see anything so I figured my date was my gift. First we went to Liberty Park which is this HUGE gorgeous park in Salt Lake and we walked and talked and just enjoyed the nice day. Then he took me to Cheesecake Factory because I've been begging to go ever since I knew there was one so close to us (well not really to Provo but it's in Murray so not far from Salt Lake). Then we went down to Temple Square. As we got out of the car he told me to close my eyes and out of nowhere he pulls out this bag that's full of all my favorite candies and a yellow rose (because I'm the yellow rose of Texas hehe). So I thought again oh this must be my present ok. So we sat down in front of the temple by the big water fountain. I had told Loren I didn't get him anything because I was poor but I made him a card. On it was a picture of a dinosaur and it said "Rawr: is dinosaur for I love you". I felt like it was very me :) He laughed and then read the massive note I wrote him about how wonderful he is then it said P.S. you're right I couldn't allow myself to not get you anything. Earlier in the day I walked down to Deseret Book (it's so nice to be so close to it) and I bought him the Joesph Smith Papers Vol 1. So I told him to close his eyes and put it in his hands and he opened and was so excited. He's been wanting it for a while it's actually so interesting. They took Joseph Smith's journals and all his revelations and put them into a book so you can see what he was thinking when it happened. Then Loren told me to look through my bag so as I'm looking through he says oh let me take a picture of you. He stands in front of me and starts digging for his camera and pulls out the ring instead. Then he got on his knee and said Maggie will you marry me? I said yes then immediately said wait do my parents know? Do your parents know? He then told me that on Sunday when he told me he was home teaching he was actually calling his parents to let them know, then called my dad to ask for permission. So he was a sneaky one, but definitely made it unforgettable. Also I tell the story much better than he does, don't ask him to tell it he'll cut it into 1/4 of what I said. BUT I'm so excited, we're both excited. I haven't stopped smiling since and I keep staring at my finger. I love my ring, it's exactly what I wanted. I've never wanted a big ring so I've always said I only wanted a 1/2 carat total weight and that's exactly what I got lol. I think it's perfect for me and it sparkles like crazy :) And since everyone asks when the big day is, it's not completely official because we haven't scheduled it with the temple but July 30th is looking like the day. So keep your day open to make sure you can attend our reception!!

The Ring!

Closer up  picture

Funny story these are the only pictures we have because I was so surprised and shocked that he had just proposed that we didn't take any pictures at the temple. We're planning on going back and getting some pictures at the end of the week :)