Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Words of Advice...

If at all possible, don't get engaged in the middle of a semester. All I want to do now is focus on our wedding. I wish I had a big fast forward button on life so I could just skip to July! Sadly I still have about 8 more weeks of school. Poo. Meanwhile I've been trying to find a good and reasonably priced photographer in this area so we can do engagement pictures. Woah are people expensive!! For the wedding and reception I have an awesome friend of mine who has agreed to take pictures for us. She's been a good friend of mine since middle school, and when we were in high school she took an interest in photography. She went to Paris and came back with these gorgeous photos! She's been trying to expand on this, but she works all the time at Walgreens, but she said she'd do pictures both at the reception and the temple for $150 and I know she'll give me everything I want because I'm special :) I think it's easier to take pictures for people you're close with so I'm excited Kristen is going to be there with me!! We just need to take care of those engagement pictures. Meanwhile yesterday was a nice day for once so we coaxed Steve into taking some pictures of us since we forgot to last week when he proposed. There ended up being some cute/fun ones taken. That's mainly what this post is for. Here's the pictures.

Steve kept making us laugh so much. If you knew this guy you'd understand why

This was definitely my favorite, then Steve kept going oh yeah money shot. It didn't last long.

This was Loren's favorite, which is actually a good close up.

I had to put this on here because I think it totally describes our personalities.


Daphna said...

The last one is cute :)
Did you go to the bridal fair? They had lots of adverts for everything you could need. I got some magazines from it if you want them!